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Presenter 9 on Connect 9 - Content not acessible

Hello everybody,

  I have an issue when publishing Adobe Presenter (v.9.0.0) content (ppts presentation with audio and captions) on Adobe Connect (v.9).

The content published in Connect is not accessible to user who are not logged in in Adobe Connect, in spite of setting the "Allow Public View" option to Yes.

When trying to access the content following the given link, or the emailed link, the error message:
"Session Timeout: Connect session has timed out" appears and doesn't allow access to the content.

The problem occurs both for content uploaded directly from Presenter, and for content first published as .zip and thereafter uploaded.

Any hint on how that could be solved?
Thank you!


#2 2013-09-17 10:02:08


Re: Presenter 9 on Connect 9 - Content not acessible

This is a known issue with Presenter 9 and Connect 9.0.X.

The solutions give are to either revert back to Presenter 8 or upgrade to Connect 9.1. If you are hosted, you can look up your upgrade date here: … dates.html

If you have a licensed deployment, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to Connect 9.1.


#3 2013-09-17 14:57:39


Re: Presenter 9 on Connect 9 - Content not acessible

In addition to what Jorma has already written above, you can also go through the following thread where few workarounds were suggested till you cluster gets upgraded to C9.1:

Hope this helps!
Sameer Puri


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