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Users on Mobile Devices Disconnected When Screen Goes Off

For a long time we've had some of our students complain that they aren't let in to some of our on-line lessons, or that they get kicked out during lessons, and my colleague did a test with one of them yesterday - it seems to be related to the screen going off when they are using a mobile device.

If they try to join a meeting, but the screen goes off before they are admitted, then they don't join the meeting.  It also seems that if the screen goes off while they are in a meeting then they can get kicked out.

I seem to remember that my wife had a similar issue when casting from Amazon music to our stereo from her Android phone - it stopped when the screen went off - and I found a setting that was something to do with maintaining a network connection when the screen was off.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?  Do you have any recommended settings?  It sounds like it might also be an issue with iPads, and unfortunately I don't have access to any iOS devices for testing purposes.


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Re: Users on Mobile Devices Disconnected When Screen Goes Off

Hi Battenberg,

One thing they could try is to change their device settings so that the screen stays on for longer. Here's how to do that on iOS.


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