Topic: Creating Captivate for use in Connect Pro Training

I have been tasked with creating training modules which we will dispense to our trainees using Adobe Connect Pro Training.   

The modules will be created using Captivate 5 and Presenter. 

I am creating a new blank project in Captivate and would like to ensure that I am not starting on the wrong foot.

What is the optimal resolution setting for creating training that will be viewed through Connect Pro Training and over various browsers?
Content will include, captivate screen capture, recorded video & screen shots. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you


Re: Creating Captivate for use in Connect Pro Training

Although you can use standard VGI resolution  but the resolution of Captivate video depends upon system environment of target audience who would be attending them. Once you publish them it would work with any browser.
In captivate 5, there is option for selecting version of flash player. If target audience is on lesser version than what you selected, it may have issues. You can always let the users know about the right version of flash player that should be present to run those courses.