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The latest version is available for download from the Adobe Presenter page http://www.adobe.com/products/presenter/

we are hoping this will fix our playback issues - here goes :)


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Are there release notes somewhere that show what's changed in 7.0.7?


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Great find.


The full release notes can be found here

The updates listed are:

Action Script 3.0 support
PPTX conversion enhancements
Installation issues pertaining to PowerPoint 2010 and 64 bit Operating Systems
Other bug fixes: (http://www.adobe.com/support/documentat … notes.html)

Though the 4th line doesn't seem to tell us anything. The link to the html doc that comes with the new installer is a full description of what 7.0.7 is all about.

One thing to watch out for is that you need to re-insert your serial key for Presenter, so be sure you have it before installing.


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According to this TechNote


you should not use Presenter 7.0.7 to publish to a Connect install unless you are running the not-yet-released Connect 8.1.2 or the upcoming Connect 8.2. Presenter 7.0.7 publishes to ActionScript 3 now, and earlier versions of Connect don't know how to handle AS3-based Presenter presentations.


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Thanks bklaas.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you not upgrade to Presenter 7.07 until your Adobe Connect account has been upgraded to 8.1.2.  Any versions of Adobe Connect prior to 8.1.2 will NOT support Presenter 7.07 content.



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You can publish to your content folder on Connect and play the presentation back directly from the weblink, you just can't load them into a meeting room. At least, this works for us and it would appear to have resolved the unexplained issues we were facing with playback in this way since we upgraded to version 8 SP1. Currently I am very happy :)

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I had uninstalled Presenter 7.0.6, installed 7.0.7 and find out our Connect server is still at 8.0. I have uninstalled 7.0.7 and when trying to reinstall the earlier version, when you normally get the "Agree" option first time you start PPT, it just flashes and does not allow activation.
Get the following message
"Adobe Presenter failed to open because either is is not licensed or there is an error in the licensing system. Please close and re-launch Power Point and enter serial number to license. If this problem persists, reinstall this product and try again"

I have reinstalled and even selected option for "Trial Version" same results.
Any suggestions as to how to get back?

****** found a hack that allowed the Agree option to stay visible so I was able to get back to 7.0.6


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Check to see if you have Internet Explorer 9 installed.  There is something about that version of IE that prevents you from installing Adobe Presenter 7.06.  If you roll IE back, you will be able to register presenter. 



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Hey Alistair,
We have several users using the version 7.06 of Adobe Presenter.  I read somewhere on one of your forums that because of Action Script 3, it would prevent older Adobe Presenter files from working on an Adobe Connect 8.2 server.  The only way to get those presentations to work was to download them and upgrade them to 7.07 Presenter files.  Is that true?  I just see a lot of headaches coming if that is the case.


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Presenter 7.0.6 and older should continue to work for stand alone content. However if you are creating presentations to use in a Connect Meeting, then you will need 7.0.7. At least, that has been my experience.


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Hey Jorma,
Thank you for the feedback.  If it is Presenter 6 or Presenter 7.06 files that were in the Content Collection of an Adobe Connect 8 server that is being upgraded to 8.2 will those Presenter files still work?


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They should. I have Presenter 6.0 to 7.0.7 files on my Connect 8.2 account and they all work as on-demand content, and courses.