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Is it possible to convert from presenter to PDF if you don't have the original files and/or are not the author?  We have been given permission to use CPR & First Aid Training from the American Red Cross and they told us to convert it to PDF.

I am using Acrobat X Pro on Win XP and when I try to convert the web page a green arrow goes round and round with an Adobe Presenter label on the page. I have let it sit all night before and nothing happens.

I have searched all over. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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If you have the presenter content with you in a zip/folder structure then I can be of some help. It will be a long manual process but you will get your pdf in the end.

1. Extract the zip that you have.
2. You will see a data folder, inside it you will see all your slides names 1.swf, 2.swf and so on.
3. Open each swf in flash player (stand-alone). You can get it here http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flas … _10_sa.exe 
4. Let is run through all the animations in this slide. When you are sure that all animations are done, print this using the print command in the Flash Player and choosing Adobe PDF as the printer.
5. Convert each page this way to separate pdfs. Repeat 4 for all pages.
6. Open Acrobat again and then combine all the pdf pages to a single pdf.
7. You are done. :)


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Can you share the url so that I can have a look ?



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Certainly. It is
http://www.instructorscorner.org/media/ … /index.htm

Thanks for looking.


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ssahai - I appreciate the information and will definitely save it for future use. Unfortunately, I only have a URL.


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Corina - if you can get admin access into the content library of the URL that you supplied you *should* be able to download the zip file of the presentation (and the accompanying folders that you would need to follow ssahai's steps.)