Topic: Using Relative paths in links

We've run into a snag with Presenter forcing all hyperlinks into the data/resources folder.  For example we provide links to system simulations that are created in Captivate.  When updates are made to the PPT file and then republished, the data folder is wiped clean.  This adds an additional step each time the file is published in that we need to re-copy the external files into the Data folder.

Articulate allowed for hyperlinking to external folders.  Are there any work arounds for this item within Presenter?


Re: Using Relative paths in links

Unfortunately not. You have to update Data/resources folder everytime you republish your folder.


Re: Using Relative paths in links

Thanks for the clarification, I was hoping for a better workaround.  For future releases, I would suggest that Adobe allows for relative linking outside of the data/resources folder.  The present workflow adds another step to our development process.