Topic: Remove Presenter 7 Pre loading

hay friends,

i was searching all over the web and found this:


and that

http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Presenter/7 … -5D22-4f29 -87B9-D9047B5B57E4.html

tried that over and over but without succsess.

any idea how to remove the presenter 7 preloader?
becouse i want my logo to be there and not the adobe green circle with the "Adobe Presenter"text.

can you enlight me?



Re: Remove Presenter 7 Pre loading

You can change the Loading Text to your own custom text. I have tried the steps written at http://www.adobepresenter.info/page/2/  and they have worked fine for me. Can you elaborate what problems you are facing?

Did you try adding uitext field in  language.xm in themes folder(in local application data folder)?

As far as I knw, you can't change Green circle loading to your own custom Icon.


Re: Remove Presenter 7 Pre loading

the "Adobe Presenter" text didnt change after i am doing the same thing in windows 7 64bit


Re: Remove Presenter 7 Pre loading

So are you trying to change for single presentation or for all the presentations you work on?

In case you change for all the presentation you create, you will have to publish your presentation again using Presenter-> Publish.