Topic: Problems with importing quizzes

I am having problems importing quizzes from a "quiz" ppt created on one pc to a "presentation" ppt created on another. This presentation ppt needs 5 quizzes that appear at different places in the ppt.  When I try to import the quizzes from the quiz ppt only the first quiz works. I tried importing all the quizzes at once and in one place, which worked but, when I moved the quiz slides around to different locations in the ppt, the quiz manager no longer recognized any of the quizzes and they don't work in presenter. 

I tried making them different quiz groups, which also didn't work.  A lot of the ppt's I need to make need quizzes throughout the presentation and they need to be created on a different computer to share the work-load. For this project I can remake the quiz in the presentation ppt itself but it would be nice to be able to import quizzes in the future. Thanks!