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Is their anyway to customize the side bar outline?  The main issue is that I have a quiz at the end of my presentation, and my Client doesn't want user to see the a quiz in the sidebar outline for fear they will just skip the content and go to the quiz (Doesn't say much for the content). 

I want to hide the quiz pages in the sidebar.

In general I wouldn't mind the option to just have section titles ( one page to represent 5-20 pages) in the sidebar outline.

I assume their is no lower level of slides - like the "arrows" in captivate? is there?

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My apologies in advance for the long rant, but there's a couple of things worth mentioning here.

Working with the sidebar/Outline panel depends on what you're looking to do.  With respect to hiding question slides, that's not a problem at all.  Have you tried looking at the Quiz Settings options (using the Quiz Manager) and de-selecting the "Show questions in outline" checkbox?  Another thing to look for is the "Display question list in quiz pane" checkbox which is available from the "Output Options" tab at the very top of the Quiz Manager.  You may need to deselect that as well so that NOTHING quiz related shows up while a learner is going through your content.

As for showing only "section titles" as you mentioned in your post....that's possible as well--with a couple of caveats of course!

Here's the deal: if you only need to show section titles of your content in the Outline panel, you should be able to hide your slides in PowerPoint--and that will in turn hide those slide from showing in the Outline panel.  There's just 2 big problems with that approach:

1. If you click the Play or Next button from a "section" slide, it will advance to the next slide LISTED IN THE OUTLINE....effectively by-passing your hidden slides!  So what you might want to do is create a link or a graphic button on your hidden slides with a label like "Continue" and provide a brief text prompt informing the viewer to click the link/button to view the next hidden slide.

2. Any hidden slides will NOT COUNT TOWARD COURSE COMPLETION on your LMS!!!!  So if you've set up your deck such that you need 100% slide views in order to achieve course completion, you've got some more homework to do.  Simply put, you'll need to determine the percentage of un-hidden slides against the total number of slides in  your deck so that Presenter will throw a "completion" when exiting the content...otherwise, it'll become a mess.

As far as I'm concerned, IMHO, this is just too much to worry about and makes the production effort a real pain the neck.

Although there are no "arrows" as in Captivate, you can always opt for manually indenting your slides to create the effect of content broken down into chapters or segments in your training.  To do that, I might suggest looking at a post I put out on my forum that describes the process:



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Thanks you so much for the detailed response.


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it was good reply no more question left... i had same sort of problem