Topic: Reducing background noise

During a Q&A session, we had one member put the group on hold -- creating background music.  We'd like to remove the noise only, not the audio going on at the same time, from the recorded version.  Any suggestions on the best way to do this? Or the best products?

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Re: Reducing background noise

I'm assuming you're talking about editing the recording?
I am not sure that it could be done.

You could try to download the recording asset file (there is a webservice command to do this that I cannot recall at the moment...) and edit the mp3 audio file...   Then you'd have to re-zip the content and upload it to the content library....

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Re: Reducing background noise

you can edit a recording by downloading the files and making the edits, then re-uploading the files, or placing the files back on the server (if licensed, with file system access).

this is not a straightforward process and there are some considerations:

are you hosted or licensed?
do you need the recording URL to remain the same?
is it worth the time? (it may take a few hours to accomplish in a satisfactory manner)
everything is either xml or flv.  you find the offending audio, convert to mp3 for ease of editing, make your edits, re-convert to flv.

let us know what you'd like to do.


the download link looks like this:


where foo.zip is the name you'd like for your download package