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Topic: Presenter 7 - slows computer processing down

I have recenlty installed Presenter 7 and the patch to get the audio to work. The whole functionality of Presenter seems to have slowed down to a snails pace - saving, opening, closing anything within the Presenter menu is very time consuming. Considering going back to 6 to speed workflow at the expense of some of the new functions. Anyone else had /solved or agree with these problems?

Should add I am working from a high spec  'Mobile workstation' laptop  - 4gB ram etc.




Re: Presenter 7 - slows computer processing down

I'm having the same issue.  Would love a response.


Re: Presenter 7 - slows computer processing down

I would ask "What patch?" but given the fact that you both report having problems with it maybe I'm better off without it.  :)

Is there a patch beyond the v7.05 release?  And if so, what issue(s) does it specifically address?


Re: Presenter 7 - slows computer processing down

We are using the 7.0.5 release.  We tried this on several computers including one at home to see if it was a network issue.  Same results.  We do a few clicks here or there, doesn't really matter and then ppt freezes completely.  At first it was working at snail speed and then freezing, but we resolved snail speed by putting presenter files on its on server.  After we put on a separate server it worked quicker but now after about 4-8 clicks system freezes and we have to ctrl alt delete.  Doing that obviously we loose all our changes.  This happens everytime.  We tried ppt and pptx files.  Now we are going to try loading ppt 2003 and if that doesn't help try using Presenter v6.  We are so sick of this product at this point.  If it doesn't work we will probably ask for our money back.  We are working with a rep from Adobe who we can't hardly understand and who states he can't replicate the problem.  Not sure how he can't replicate as we replicated on 3 pcs, one being at one of our IT techs home.....