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I searched a bit through the forums but didn't find a post that looked to address this topic.  So I apologize if this is an issue that has already been covered.

Anyway, my issue is that the instructors I work with often have problems with the Adobe Presenter Add-in becoming disabled in PowerPoint 2007.  It will become disabled usually on the first or second time they attempt to use it.

I can walk them through the steps of re-enabling the Add-in, but I was wondering if there was something I could do upon installation of Adobe Presenter that would prevent if from ever getting disabled in the first place?  Setting it to be Trusted somehow, perhaps?

It is really aggravating to get my instructors excited about using this product and then have it disable itself on their first try.

Thanks in advance!

David Foote


Re: Presenter Add-in getting disabled

It is my understanding that PowerPoint creates a temporary file each time it runs.  Sometime this temporary file becomes corrupt.  If you go in and rename this file, then open PowerPoint, it will generate a new temporary file.  To access this temporary file you will need to open Windows Explorer.  Then go to the Tools menu, go to Folder options, click the View tab and enable the radio button to Show  Hidden Files and Folders.  Then navigate to the following directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Office   (the folder may say Office12 since you are using PowerPoint 2007)

There should be a file in there named PowerP10 or PPT or Powerpnt.exe

rename this file to PowerP10_old or PPT_old or Powerpnt_old.

then restart PowerPoint.

After starting PowerPoint you should be able to re-enable the plug-in.

Hope this helps,



Re: Presenter Add-in getting disabled

I'm reading this thread with great interest, since I am in the same boat. Yesterday, PPTX crashed. When I restarted it, I just made a dumb mistake and clicked "yes" to disable add-in. Now, I can't get Presenter tab to show up in PPTX.

I'm looking at my Explorer window as suggested in this thread and I see PowerP12.pip. The directions say to look for an .exe file. Is it an .exe or a .pip?

Any help extremely appreciated.



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Can't even type my own name today. That's Cynthia, not Cynthai :)


Re: Presenter Add-in getting disabled


I selected COM from the PPT Options > Add-ins menu instead of Disabled Items. Once I selected Disabled Items, it re-enabled Presenter.



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Hey Cynthia,
Its a .pip file.  Once you change the temp file you can turn the add-in back on as you mentioned above.

There is an issue in PowerPoint 2007, when the plug-in for Adobe Presenter installs, but the Adobe Presenter tab fails to appear in PowerPoint.
To resolve this problem you must activate the plug-in.
Click the Office button in PowerPoint.

Then click the PowerPoint Options button.
Click the Add-Ins button on the left side of the screen.

Then select Disabled Items from the Manage drop down menu.  Click the Go button.

Select the Adobe Presenter PowerPoint Add-in.
Then click the Enable button.
Then click Close.
Then click OK.
The Adobe Presenter ribbon should now appear after the Add-Ins ribbon.


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Hi Memarsh,

Thank you so much. I followed your previous instructions and couldn't figure out why they weren't working. Then I had a "duh" moment and realized that I was not selecting Disabled Items from the manage drop-down, I was selecting COM. Selecting Disabled Items, of course, let me enable Presenter and get back in the proverbial saddle again.

Thank you for the follow-up.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Hey David,
I am seeing this more frequently with Adobe Presenter 7.  I am wondering if it is a Windows compatibility issue.  Most instructors who this is happening to have Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Office 2007.

Did you ever get any additional solutions to your problem?


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No additional solutions =( 

I've just added re-enabling the add-on to my training. 



Re: Presenter Add-in getting disabled

There is a compatibility issue between Adobe Presenter and Windows 7 operating system that causes PowerPoint to request the end user to disable the Adobe Presenter add-in.

This compatibility issue can also cause the following:

- cause slower computer processing
- can cause PowerPoint not to launch from the Taskbar
- can cause PowerPoint not to open from the Windows Start menu

If you accept to disable the Adobe Presenter add-in, this will remove the Adobe Presenter ribbon from PowerPoint.  The only way to re-enable it is to completely uninstall and reinstall Adobe Presenter.  You will also have to remove the temporary files for PowerPoint.

To remove the temporary files, you will have to turn on access to hidden files.  This requires administrator access to the computer affected.

To enable access to hidden files:

Click the Start button.
Use the search phrase "show hidden files & folders."
Click the link for "Show Hidden Files and Folders."
The Folder Option window will be displayed.
On the View tab, click "Show hidden files, folders and drives."
Then click OK.
To find the PowerPoint temporary files:

Open Windows Explorer (Windows Key + E)
Navigate to the following directory:  C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office
Then rename or remove the file PowerP12.pip file.
Next navigate to the following directory: C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\PowerPoint
Then rename or remove the file PPT12.pcb.
To change PowerPoint to XP Compatibility Mode:

Click the Start button.
Use the search phrase "compatible"
Click the link for "Run programs made for previous versions of Windows"
This launche the Program Compatibility window.
Click Next.
A list of installed programs will be displayed.
Select Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.
Then click Next.
Click "Try Recomended Settings."
Then click Start the Program.  This will open PowerPoint and test the new settings.
Close PowerPoint.
Then click Next.
Then click, "Yes, save these settings for this program."
Then click Close.

Running PowerPoint in Windows XP Compatibility mode seems to resolve this problem.  I will update this article if the end user continues to have problems.