Topic: .swf - Animation Audio lost after publishing

Hello everyone,

this is my issue with Presenter:

We created swf-Animations with embedded sound.
Two pictures with assigned soundfiles. If you click on one of the pictures the sound begins to play and there is animation at the same time.
In PowerPoint everything works fine also when the animations are uploaded to our Connect Pro server the sound will be there.
However when i use the insert flash (swf) functionality the animation will start but no sound can be heard.

Did anyone of you face similar experiences and could you solve this?

So far the only workaround I found is to upload the flash animations to our Connect Pro server and Hyperlink to this. However this will create an extra window I would rather spare my listeners. ;-)

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Re: .swf - Animation Audio lost after publishing

Do you have access to the source for the flash files?

This could be unrelated - but I had a similar problem with a SWF file and getting sound to work for a syncSWF game I had created.  The SWF would play perfectly when running locally, but there would be no sound when I uploaded it to Connect Pro.

I ended up solving the problem by giving it a target.  For example, I was previously using this:

var sndShoot:Sound = new Sound();

I added the target 'this' to make it work in Connect Pro:

var sndShoot:Sound = new Sound(this);

I'm not sure if this will solve the problem - but it's definitely worth trying if you have the source.