Topic: Using Presenter Quizzes as Polls in a Live Session

We run live training classes with the training content created in PowerPoint. We mix in polls at specific points of the training content to promote student interaction and discussion. Thus far, we have been doing this with preloaded poll pods that we pull up on top of the share pod with the PowerPoint training content. We run the poll, having the discussion and then close the poll pod. We move forward in the training content and then repeat at the next poll point. The challenge with this has been making sure the polls are pulled up at the right places (a manual effort). I have been asked if we could use the quiz feature of presenter to embed a poll in the PowerPoint so that the poll just appears when they advance the slides. I know how to make a quiz but I can't seem to figure out a way to "open" the poll so that multiple people can respond and then have the poll results available either to the presenter (and hopefully to the students). Before I spend any more time on this, am I going down a dead end street?


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This is totally possible?  The way to do this is to author your quiz in PowerPoint using Presenter as you normally would.  Then bring that presentation into a Share Pod via the Content Library.  When a Quiz/Survey slide is displayed in a Share pod it automatically becomes "unsynced" meaning that each user is interacting with their own individual copy of the quiz/survey and their responses are tracked separately and visible in the meeting reports.

This end of this tutorial should help you with this task:

Another alternative would be to host your survey on a Connect Pro server at its own URL and use the Web Links pod to push the survey URL out to participants for them to complete in a separate browser window.

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Thanks - not sure this meets what we are trying to do.

We are trying to streamline the training session where we can have content, poll, poll results for discussion, and then more content (all within a single pod). Since this is a live session, timing is critical. No time to go and generate reports. We also like the bar graphs of the polling option (would be nice to have pie charts too).

Workflow for the instructor here is the key. The more we can streamline within 1 pod, the better for the instructor and the students.


Re: Using Presenter Quizzes as Polls in a Live Session

Why not use the QnA pod in Connect?


Re: Using Presenter Quizzes as Polls in a Live Session

Or why not create multiple layouts with the Poll pods pre-loaded so all you have to do is change layouts and the polls are already setup and ready to go.


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I am trying to accomplish the exact same thing.  Using Presenter, I can create poll question slides and allow meeting participants to respond to the poll, but there does not seem to be a way to give either the meeting presenter or participants the poll results immediately (ie, the "broadcast results" option in the polling pods).    Being able to see the results is vital to the ongoing discussion in this scenario.

Using different layouts with pollling pods in them works, but has a couple of disadvantages: 1) more work and more to keep track of for the meeting presenter/host to keep switching layouts during the presentation.  2) when you switch back to the shared presentation, it takes a few seconds to load for everyone in the meeting.


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To save time loading, you can have your content "hidden" under a pod in the previous layout. In the case you are describing, where you want to "return" to a main presentation, you could have the powerpoint presentation in both your "main" layout, as well as hide it under a poll in your "poll" layout, so when you switch back and forth, it does not have to reload.

I agree, there are some disadvantages to using Q&A, chat, polls, etc. because if the presenter only area is open and you open a chat, it won't fall where you want it to. That would be a useful feature, to have Presenter broadcast results the way the polling feature can.