Topic: Converting from Articulate Presenter to Adobe Presenter

Hi, We just got the Adobe Presenter product and would like to convert presentations produced in Articulate Presenter 5.2 Pro.  The Instructions in the "Using Adobe Presenter" files say that the Articulate Assets folder should be available along with the presentation or you cannot import, but Articualte isn't creating an Assets folder.  When I try to import audio, navigate to the Narration folder, select all and import, the order of the narration is jumbled. Also, according to the instructions when I open a presentation created in Articulate, I should see a conversion dialog box, but I don't.  Has anyone out there done this successfully?


Re: Converting from Articulate Presenter to Adobe Presenter

When you import Audio in a Presentation using Articulate, an asset folder (having the same name as the presentation) is created in the same location (as the presentation). This folder has another folder named 'narration' which has the imported audio files. You do not have to do anything with these files. Just let them be. Just be sure that when you open the Articulate Presentation in Powerpoint that has Adobe Presenter installed, the asset folder is present in the same location as the presentation. You should see the Adobe Presenter message asking you to convert the presentation.


Re: Converting from Articulate Presenter to Adobe Presenter

Thanks.  I discovered that all works well when you have only Adobe Presenter installed, but when both Adobe and Articulate are installed you will not receive the message to convert.  Attempting to do import the audio through the Import Audio commands doesn't work.


Re: Converting from Articulate Presenter to Adobe Presenter

I am trying to figure out how to convert recordings made in Articulate Presenter to Adobe Presenter.   I am knowledgable in Adobe Presenter but not with Articulate - just installed it now and created my first presentation.  I see that Articulate is almost identical to Adobe Presenter in regards to the audio recording and publishing.  I see that Articulate creates a .ppta file with the audio to mirror the .ppt.  How do I convert the audio from Articulate to Presenter?  Presenter will only allow for the import of audio as .wav or .mp3 files - it does not see the audio file created in Articulate...thanks!


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Ok, update...it appears that I need version 7 of Adobe Presenter to convert.  When I open a recording that was made in Articulate with Adobe Presenter 7 installed, it prompts me for the conversion.  However, it is not able to find the audio files - it is looking for the "narration" folder which does not exist.   I don't know how to save the audio - I can't open the audio file created by Articulate with anything else.  And, I can only import .mp3 or .wav files into Presenter.  Help!


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Let me just say that I'm not an Articulate expert (yet!), but I do have a quick question: if you're having issues pulling in the audio files from an Articulate project, have you tried publishing the Articulate presentation?  I ask b/c I'm pretty sure that once an Articulate project is published, you'll end up w/ a series of mp3 files--much like Adobe Presenter creates.

From there, it should be a simple matter of moving/copying the Articulate mp3's to an area where you can pull them in using Adobe Presenter.

I realize that this is a complete workaround, but since Presenter is limited in its ability to work with certain audio file types, perhaps taking a "back door" approach might work.

That said, I think the biggest caveat is having to deal with the plugins....the last time I looked at this, I think there was a conflict in PowerPoint that prevented me from having both Articulate and Adobe Presenter installed at the same time.  Unless things have changed, you may have to bounce back and forth between the two.