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#1 2009-12-03 16:41:21


Send an e-mail to all of my Account Users

I would like a feature to be able to send e-mail to all of my Account users.  This would be very helpful in letting them know when upgrades were being scheduled or a possible outage.


#2 2009-12-04 11:43:55


Re: Send an e-mail to all of my Account Users

You can access this info through the xml api. (provided you have rights to all of it, of course)
the call is: http://your.connect.url/api/xml?action=principal-list  (or https)

so, you could:
- pull in this info to excel as an external data source.
- remove the columns (and a couple of rows) you don't need
- export for import into your e-mail app as a new group (often just .csv)
- import into e-mail
- send mail.

this is actually what i do to notify people of upgrades/downtime.



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