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Host not needing to accept after registration?

I am trying to make it so that when someone registers for a meeting. They are automatically approved and do not need to be accepted into the room by the host.  With all of the tests I have done so far. Once you register and then try to enter the meeting.  The host still has to select approve before they can enter.  Is there away so That once the participant has filled out the registration.  All they have to do is enter their Email, Password and will automatically enter without approval?


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Re: Host not needing to accept after registration?

Hey Hammack710,

In your content library, go to "edit information" for this meeting and check either of the "only registered users..." options for meeting access - I believe either one will work.

Once you have started the meeting, go to Meeting -> Manage Access and Entry and make sure that none of the options are checked. If this is not your answer, I may not understand the details of the registration process you are using. Participants should not be placed on hold until access is granted if you do the above.

Hope that helps!

Best, Daniel


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Re: Host not needing to accept after registration?

Thank you for the suggestion but it did not work.  I'll try and explain myself again.  I want to create an event form.  After the participants have entered there information (email and password) I want them to automatically be registered for the meeting.  So now when they go to the meeting URL and type in their email and password.  They will enter the meeting.  As of right now.  When they try and enter the meeting with their user name and password.  The hose receives a message saying "accept or decline this user"  I do not want the host so have to do this.  I want the registration to take care of this.  Also, When I create the meeting.  I have the option to let just registered users join.  Or registered users and guests.  If I choose Registered users only.  It will not let the participant into the meeting.  They get a message that says "As a registered guest, you do not have privileges to enter this room". If  I choose "registered users and guests" Than anyone that has the url can type there name in and request access. This can get confusing for the host on who to accept and how not to accept when you have a very large attendance.  If the events manager automatically granted access to users that have registered, then this is not an issue.  The host can decline everyone who sends a request, because they have not registered with the events manager.
So my ideal situation would be to only allow people that have registered with the events manager enter the room automatically without having to send a request to the host.  It's a little complex to explain. I hope I am conveying my questions clearly.


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Re: Host not needing to accept after registration?

I believe that you are looking for an Events tool that integrates with Connect.

This Registration form that you are putting together will not create a user account within Connect, so that is why your Host is still being asked to approve their entry into the room. The method that Daniel gave is for going to your Meeting library and defining the list of pre-approved users for that room on the server. If the users are on the list on the right in that tool, then the host will not be asked to accept them into the room.

Outside of that option there 4 events tools that work with Connect to allow users to self-register for an event and then get automatic approval once they have registered.

  1. The Connect Events Module: Can be purchased with your Connect account. While basic, it does the job of allowing out side individuals to register for your meeting and then be able to join with their user name and password. Talk to your vendor for Connect about pricing etc.

  2. Conference Edge: Probably the most robust Events tool that integrates with Connect. Has more options than you can shake a stick at and they are adding more all the time. This tool is usually used for any Event that your organization can put on as well as integrating seamlessly with Connect. I know that the guys at ConfEdge post here, so they may chime in. Otherwise go to

  3. Meeting One: The tool is older an more basic than ConfEdge, but does have some good functionality. Again, it is more robust than the native tool in Connect.

  4. Intesolve: I haven't used their tool before, but I know it's out there and offers something a little different from the rest. Worth looking at if your shopping though.

Hope that answers the question.


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Re: Host not needing to accept after registration?

Thank you.  I think this does answer my question but gives another.  How would you suggest managing entry into an events meeting?  After a user fills out the form and goes to the log in page for the meeting.  they have the option to log in as a guest (just put in your name) or enter with a log in and password.  Both will send a request to the host for approval to enter (not a big deal).  How do you keep them straight on who has filled out the registration and who has just obtained the URL somehow and is entering as a guest?  Because we don't want anyone who has not registered to be able to join.  Is there a work flow that will make this easy?  Thank you everyone for your time.


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Re: Host not needing to accept after registration?


I believe I understand your question and if I do then our product can do exactly what you want.

Within our product you can set up an event with unique registration paths for your audience where you can either automatically "approve" them or put them in a "pending" status until you manually approve them.

Once they have registered they can be automatically be sent the confirmation email with the instructions and a link to join your meeting on the day of the event.  If you want to manually approve people they can receive a "pending" email until you approve them.

As an added feature to ease workflow you can use our proprietary redirect linking and queing technology so that the link you provide them in the email can be used to either authenticate (checking status within our product) and pass them into your meeting or we can automatically authenticate their login & password against Adobe Connect.   

This allows single click authenticated sign-on to your Adobe Connect meetings and can completely eliminate the need for your users to have to manually enter their information prior to joining the meeting.

Our product is integrated with Adobe Connect so that the sysetm can automatically create accounts (including guest accounts) in Adobe for all your registrants right when they register.  This is critical if you want to include last minute registrants in your meeting.

There is a ton more we can do but hopefully this gives you a quick overview of what we can accomplish.  Feel free to contact me directly at 888-987-EDGE x713 or drop us an email at



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