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Adobe Connect and chip Apple Silicon M1 or M2

Some questions:
1) Will there be an Adobe Connect version for Apple Silicon Chips M1 and M2?
2) If you use a Mac with M1 or M2 chips (ancd if you opt-out from enhanced audio-video, which has some problems and restrictions in features), there are a lot of problems with the audio, with lags and lacks of voice... is there a hope to solve them?



#2 2023-09-29 03:43:02


Re: Adobe Connect and chip Apple Silicon M1 or M2

I've been using Adobe Connect with an M1 Mac Mini for about 18 months.  I had some issues with sound in the very early days but I think it was an issue with MacOS and my headset as it went away with the first MacOS update.  Since then it's been fine.  I do use Enhanced Audio, though, as it no longer seems to cause a problem with mobile devices.

The only difference I see from the Windows version is during screen share - it goes blank when you're dragging things on web-pages, for example, and doesn't show the contents of some combo-boxes and context menus.  But then the Windows version isn't perfect, either - on my Windows 10 computer the mouse pointer appears in the wrong place in the share window so it's more difficult for the users to see what I'm pointing at.


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