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Release 12.5 - a new easier way to switch pods

Good morning,
I was wondering if anyone knows what has changed with this new feature - a new easier way to switch pods has been introduced, which allows hosts to change/switch pods easily.
I don't see anything different when I'm in a room.
Could it be a keyboard shortcut?

Any insight into this would be helpful.


#2 2023-09-27 07:57:07


Re: Release 12.5 - a new easier way to switch pods

This option is available on all pods which support multiple instances so Notes, Poll, Share, Weblinks, etc. On the pod itself there is a small down arrow in the title bar that you can select and switch between like pods. This feature is amazing!

I do wish the breakout room notes and things were available in the dropdown as well. We share things from breakout rooms a lot when we bring everyone back to the main room.

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