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Deep Info Sought - Creating Meeting Templates

Please share with me any resources you found/created with very detailed and deep information on creating meeting templates.

I have skill and knowledge regarding the basic and intermediate topics of creating templates (and using them, modifying them, naming them with version numbers, keeping notes about those versions in the Summary field, etc).

But the other week I got into trouble, called tech support, and found out that I totally messed up an important template at a client site. I had to re-create it using my own (non-billable) time.

The following is what I learned (I hope I have all the details described here correctly), and it is an example of the sort of thing that I want to learn/know about to have a much higher level of skill with templates.
My sad story. I created a template for the client. From that I made a room. Moved that room into Shared Templates. From that template I made another room. Moved that room into Shared Templates. From that template made another room. Deleted the second template. Tried to make a room from the 3rd template. The room had nothing in it. Tech support told me I should not have deleted the intermediate template b'c that broke the chain. He restored the things i deleted, but nothing fixed my situation.
I want to know about things like that now so I don't step into poop again.
Please tell me that my request is clear - seeking resources for detailed, deep-dive information on making (and to a lesser degree, using) templates.
If you made it this far, thanks for reading!


#2 2021-05-17 12:09:33


Re: Deep Info Sought - Creating Meeting Templates

My practice has always been to create a room specifically for the purpose of being a template, rather than making a copy of a room. That way you have a clean room that will never be used for anything other than being a template. Since this makes the template the root of meetings created from it, rather than being an intermediate room. This avoids the issue of deleting a meeting mid way through a chain, as Adobe called out.


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