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#1 2021-04-16 16:04:35


Official names - Parts of Standard Screen?

Where can I access the AC 'official names' of the parts of the screen when in Standard view?

E.g. what is the name for the button in the Menu Bar that looks like a box with 9 dots in it? In various Adobe and other documentation I find zero names for it; rather only a screen shot. Similarly, in the top-left of the AC screen, the name of the room is displayed - what is this part of the screen 'officially' called? I have the same question for all parts of the interface, including pods and menus.

I need to write documentation for several clients and want to tow the line w/official (as compared to totally made up) names. (Some past clients objected to my use of "Do-hickie" and "Thing-ah-ma-jig"; so demanding they were!)

Please direct me to an official Adobe source.

Thank you!!!


#2 2021-04-19 12:43:57


Re: Official names - Parts of Standard Screen?

The menu found in the room name is the Meeting Menu.
The menu found with the 9 squares is the Pods Menu.
Then there is the speaker/audio menu, the mic/telephone menu, the camera menu, and the Status menu.

Participants may only see the speaker and status menus.

Do I count as official? I'm just applying the old naming convention to the new menus because change is hard, lol.


#3 2021-04-20 09:20:54


Re: Official names - Parts of Standard Screen?

These resources may also be handy as they include an image of the interface with some names.

Host Quickstart Guide:

Participant QuickStart Guide:

If you'd like the source images for those, drop me a line: allee[at]adobe[dot].com


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