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Publishing Content with Presenter 11.1 build 203 and Connect 10.1.0

Adobe Connect is crashing when publishing PowerPoint presentations using Adobe Presenter 11.1 build 203. The previous version of Presenter was having an issue where it was prompting to install the latest version of Flash player, which didn't resolve the problem. After contacting Adobe support, the issue was determined to be known and the resolution was to upgrade our version of Presenter from 11.0 to 11.1, which was successful but the product key isn't valid between these two version so now we are in a 30 day trial period and still haven't received our new product key. (another issue I won't go into details now)

This has introduced a new issue when publishing PowerPoint presentations using Presenter where when the presentation loads in the Share Pod, Connect exits or crashes. Now when you re-enter the meeting where the presentation was published, Connect just exits or crashes when it tries to load the presentation. If your quick, you can stop sharing in the pod before the room crashes.

I have been on the phone and in chat session with Adobe support both Presenter and Connect support teams for the last 2.5 hours and have been able to demonstrate the issue and Adobe has been able to reproduce it on their end. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Presenter and the Connect applications several time to no avail.

Is Adobe testing these products (Connect and Presenter) before they are release to the public? The last 2 releases of these products have been horrible.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues with your environment?

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Re: Publishing Content with Presenter 11.1 build 203 and Connect 10.1.0

Yes, I've seen this with customers. I've not nailed down the specifics of what is causing the problem, but for me using the combination of Presenter 11.1 build 189 and PPT 2013 seems to avoid the issue.

The other solution is to upload directly to Connect, but that only works if you don't use the Presenter functionality.

I recommend you report it to Adobe Support. The more Adobe hears about the problem the higher priority the fix will be.


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