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#1 2018-11-05 10:42:57

Peter Jackson

Hybrid custom pod development

Exciting times for hybrid Custom Pod development - I wanted to do a quick post to this forum to see how any developers out there are getting on with their own Custom Pod development for both HTML5 and Flash. With Adobe Connect 10 being released, although custom pod support has not yet been released for the HTML5 client in this version, custom pods are working in the mobile client and I understand its only a matter of time before support is included in the HTML5 client. We're underway writing HTML5 code to work with a number of our core in-house custom pods, to work synchronously with the ActionScript versions of the pods. Pretty effective so far. Happy to share our experience, and really keen to understand the experience of others with this too!
Let me know how you're finding it too, any challenges you have faced, and the opportunities this move creates for you!


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