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#1 2018-04-18 09:53:31


Screen Sharing with MAC

We have run into in issue with a couple of different presenters that are screen sharing while using a MAC.  They seem to be getting booted off of the platform every 20-25 minutes.  They are able to reconnect fairly quickly but it consistently happens every 25 minutes or so.  This is occurring on multiple networks and in different meeting rooms.  We are using Connect 9.7.  Has anyone run into this issue before? Is there some local timeout setting for the connection?



#2 2018-04-24 22:22:30


Re: Screen Sharing with MAC

Last time I heard, the local timeout for a Connect Meeting is 8 hours. This may have changed slightly, but I doubt it.

It may be an issue with the Mac App. There is a beta of the new app for Mac that may be worth having them test. The new Mac App can be found here … quirements

The beta version of the new Windows app should also be released soon, not that it applies here.


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