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Sign out by using empty session Id is no longer working

We sign in users with an Adobe Connect account to access protected recordings by calling the login action on the API on the server, extracting the cookie and passing it on as session parameter in the link to the recording. THis results in the Adobe Connect site then setting a session cookie in the user's browser.

However, we want users to access meetings as guests, and not with the account that was previously used to access the recording. To do this we need to log users out first in their browser.

What we did so far was to pass both a guest name and an empty or invalid session id as url parameters in the link to the meeting. This had the effect that the user got logged out and the guest name was used, but not anymore (probably since the recent maintenance update).

Is there a way to log out the user's browser before attending a meeting by passing a parameter that forces the usage of the guest name if submitted ?

Or would it be possible to end a users session via a server side call, e.g. by passing the user's session ID to the logout action?#

BTW I have tried logging out making an AJAX call to but this fails with "'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.". Apparently permission is not given on the connect site to access the API from another domain in the browser.

The only thing that works reliably is opening  in a new browser window. But that will remain open then, and we would really try to avoid that...

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Re: Sign out by using empty session Id is no longer working

Looking at the API documentation it seems like you should include the session cookie ID when logging the user out: … ogout.html.

Does that make any difference for you?


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