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Big, beautiful video in Connect - is it possible?

Ok, so here's the skinny:
We have a full production room with 6 remote 4k cameras all going into a switcher and then into a Martox MXO2 rack unit, and then into our computer that hosts the Connect meetings. The issue is, we cannot get beautiful, smooth video into connect, even though we're hardlined, sending beautiful video, have the room's bandwidth pumped up, etc...

In the past, we were told that Connect has a max of 480/15fps, and there was no native way to even pull in an RTMP stream. Is this still the case? We've looked into using Brightcove to encode and stream the video, and the eSync Brightcove pod player, but the yearly costs for that is outrageous.

So, I guess I'm asking the community if they have any suggestions... I've tried pulling a youtube live stream into Connect, but even that ends up chunky.



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Re: Big, beautiful video in Connect - is it possible?


Currently (9.6.2) the max quality of the Video pod is 480/20fps.

Connect 9.7 should have improved video quality in the Video pod, so waiting for that release starting October 22, 2017 may be the path of least resistance. Since I don't see any information on that in the release notes, I'll have to just leave it at that.

Alternatively, you could pull the RTMP stream into a share pod using this pod It may take a bit of technical knowledge, but it seems that you likely have that. Keep in mind that video shown in that pod will not be part of a recorded session.

If you want to throw money at it there is also the Talking Stick pod from RefinedData.


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