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box (Presenter 9 - Connect 9.1)

We have uploaded one PPT using Presenter 9 to our Adobe Connect 9.1 server and when opening the link a Sign-in box pops up in front of the presentation asking for the name and email. (This happens whether the permission in Connect is set to public and not public viewing.)

When uploading another PPT with the same settings in Presenter 9 and Adobe Connect 9.1 we don't get the Sign-in box.

This would be a great feature, if we:

- knew how to turn this sign-in box on and off
- knew where the information would be stored (logically I would say on the Connect server, but have been unable to find it anywhere)

After contacting Adobe Presenter and Connect support, as well as our Connect vendor, all we have heard is that no one has ever seen this sign-in box before and doesn't know anything about it.



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Re: Sign-In box (Presenter 9 - Connect 9.1)

Hi Ibeh,

This is a new feature provided by Adobe Presenter called Collaboration. If you have turned it on in while saving your PPT, the dialog box will be shown else not.

In Presenter 9 you will be able to see the options in the ribbon with the name of "Collaboration".

Can you contact Presenter support again and ask them queries related to Collaboration. I am sure they must have mis-understood your question the first time.

Hope this helps!
Sameer Puri


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