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Bug's worked out in 9?

I had a list of bugs or things to watch out for in an earlier version of Presenter.
Could someone tell me if this is still the case for the following? Thank you.

If you add audio and video through PPT the audio and video will be lost when you publish your presentation. Animations will work after publishing but you need to use the audio editor or synchronize audio tools to tell presenter when you want the animations to happen on your slide. Slide transitions don't translate and QuickTime movies don't translate because the are A) on a local file path and Presenter plays by server rules and won't look to local file paths and B) Presenter plays in the Flash player and QT movies are not supported by Flash. If you have a QT movie you can try using the import video tool and it should convert your QT movie to a FLV which will be kept with the presentation and is supported by the Flash Player.


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Re: Bug's worked out in 9?

I'll try to address these in the order you have them listed

- Audio and video being lost on publish: This was an issue of 7.0.0, I believe, and was resolved with 7.0.1

- Animations cued by On-click command - Not a bug, this is how animation association works with the audio in Presenter.

- Slide Transitions - Supported as of Presenter 8.

- Quick Time (videos inserted via PPT) - Not a bug, but a result of the two things you listed for this.

- Inserting no Flash videos - Presenter will convert any of the listed file types that are non-flash to FLV, as you stated.


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