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How does the New Presenter 9 Collaboration/Intervention Integrate

I am wondering how the new Collaboration features in Presenter 9 Integrate with the training module inside of Adobe Connect.

With the entire overhaul they recently did to the events module and analytic they added to it, is this a prelude of whats to come with the training module in connect 10?


#2 2013-06-28 16:36:40


Re: How does the New Presenter 9 Collaboration/Intervention Integrate

Hi Daniel,

With the new Collaboration feature you can ask questions, give answers and mark useful answers too of other people accessing the same content, all that while attempting any Connect training module - be it be Content or inside a Course.

You can also, make it mandatory for users to collaborate in order to pass the Training Course of Connect. This can be done by setting a minimum participation score in the Presenter Collab widget. If that is set to 0, collaboration is not mandatory and users can pass the course/content just by giving the answers to the quiz questions (if any). if the participation score is set to any non-zero value, every user is required to collaborate with others in order to pass the training module. Then again you will get different points for different actions - i am not sure but i guess 5 points for answering a question and 5 points if somebody marks you answer helpful are the 2 criterias to gather collaboration points.

Hope this info helps!
Sameer Puri


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