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#1 2012-06-18 19:54:11


Hyperlinks not working

I'm on Windows 7 Enterprise, running Adobe Presenter 7.07 attached to PowerPoint 2007. Here's my issue:

In my current project, I'm using hyperlinks to link from one slide to another within the same presentation. Usually, this works fine, but sometimes it doesn't.  When it doesn't work, here's what happens:

When I right-click and choose "Hyperlink..." or "Edit Hyperlink..." to add a hyperlink to an on-screen object (for me, this is always a rectangle shape with no outline and a solid white fill set to 100% transparent), I am taken to the Add/Edit Hyperlink dialog. I click "Place in This Document" on the left, and then click the destination slide I want the learner to go to when he or she clicks the object I'm attaching the hyperlink to. Normally (i.e., when hyperlinks work correctly), I see a small visual of the destination slide in the "Slide Preview" section of the Add/Edit Hyperlink dialog. But when hyperlinking doesn't work, after I click the destination slide I want in the "Select a place in this document" box, the "Slide preview" area remains blank! That is, it does not show me the thumbnail image of the destination slide I just chose. I can click OK, but when I launch PowerPoint into presentation mode and click the hyperlink, nothing happens. When I go back to edit the hyperlink, it has not been saved--the Edit Hyperlink dialog does not even come up in the "Place in this document" mode.

When I publish via Presenter, these links still do not work.

I do not know if this is a PowerPoint bug or a Presenter issue--it is hard to disentagle them since I don't have a "clean" copy of PowerPoint that is free of the Presenter plugin. But I have been seeing this fairly often recently, and am wondering if it is related to Presenter 7.07.

Is anyone else seeing this problem? If so, have you been able to work around it or identify the underlying cause?



#2 2012-06-18 21:12:42


Re: Hyperlinks not working

A follow-up:

I do not understand why, but if I change the title on the slides whose previews fail to show in the "Slide preview" box of the Add/Edit Hyperlink dialog, then suddenly those slides can become the target destinations of hyperlinks again.

That is just weird. But it does seem to be a viable work-around. Anyone know why?



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