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#1 2012-02-07 03:31:17


Remove uploaded content from a meeting needs a lot of work(!)

I must say that removing documents you have in a Connect meeting is really a pain... Seems you need to delete the document twice or even three times(!).

But first of all, should not a Presenter be able to delete his/her own material? Now a Host needs to assist with removing the document afterwards, the Presenter should be able to remove his/her own material imho...

Anyway, when removing a document it seems that you first of all need to remove it from the server part under Uploaded Content.

Then you need to remove it from the Share History ("Recently Shared") via a Share pod inside the meeting --> Share Document --> Share History and select and press Clear. Then you need to finish this step by pressing Cancel(!) ("do I cancel the "clear" I just did now?" some users might ask them selves).

And if the document is still being shared inside the meeting after having deleted it from the server/Uploaded Content you might need to go on the Pods menu --> Manage Pods and delete it there as step number 2. Hey, I just deleted it on the server, why on earth is it still being presented in the room(!).

And after having deleted it twice(!), you might still be able to get it back via Recently Shared(!!!)...

No sorry, but this is just plain baad design - sorry, but that is the case...

Please fix this, every time one has to explain this to a client one is more or less ashamed .... :-(

/Rikard, Wezupport Sweden


#2 2012-02-08 06:10:40


Re: Remove uploaded content from a meeting needs a lot of work(!)

Hi Rickard
Which version of Connect  are you using ?

I am on Connect 8, and this is what i do to clear shared content
1. From server delete the files under uploaded content. Close the meeting and leave it for 10 mins or so. This required for meeting to resync with server i.e unloads and reloads.
2. Now launch the meeting again and then clear share history. From meeting, users can only clear the history, they can never delete content. Even if i don't clear and try to share the uploaded content from there, it gives error that content is deleted.

Also once i clear it from share history , it removes it from recently shared as well.

Hope this helps a bit.


#3 2012-02-08 08:52:53


Re: Remove uploaded content from a meeting needs a lot of work(!)

Indeed, when waiting ten/fifteen minutes it actually closes in the Connect meeting. But the entry is still there under Recently Shared although it does not open up the file (it gives an error stating that there was an error converting the file, not actually that it is missing).

Using Manage Pods "only" removes the Pod used, this is often mistaken though by end-users that thinks it meant to remove the file.

So I still thinks this some serious work: if I delete the file from the server it should close in the meeting at once (more or less), it should also remove (or mark the entry as not available) under Recently Shared. And maybe if I delete a certain pod it could ask if I want to remove the file inside that pod as well...

/Rikard, Wezupport

PS This was on a hosted account running 8.2 but it is the same on our own on-premise server (also running 8.2 (8.2.04)....


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