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Finding incompatibility with 7.0.7 publilshing 7.0.6 presentations

Hey all, BIG problems for us today!   We just upgraded to Presenter 7.0.7 and I was asked by a field rep to take some lessons (that were created using 7.0.6) and publish some PDFs that could be distributed on CDs.  --not a problem, right!?

My findings are that, presentations that were created with 7.0.6 and which the author used Presenter


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Re: Finding incompatibility with 7.0.7 publilshing 7.0.6 presentations

Although my particular experience of audio is not precisely what you have referred to, I do want to add my voice to those who might wonder why such an expensive add-on doesn't receive more attention from Adobe with regard to known issues.  Mine has been that an inserted audio (.ppt or .pptx) intended to play across all slides does not work when published, except for on the first slide.  A workaround (can't remember where I picked it up) has been to insert a movie file, but make it an audio only instead.  Then while it does then play across all (published) slides, on the first slide the sound stutters - no workaround.  Why must one go to these workarounds, which often do not work entirely correctly?  Come on Adobe, lets fix the audio problems - the concept of Presenter teamed with Connect is one we all want to love, but.................


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Re: Finding incompatibility with 7.0.7 publilshing 7.0.6 presentations

Yes, this is a significant problem that has to do with Adobe Presenter 7.0.7 and the adoption of action script 3.

We have identified this problem about 4 months ago and I have been the Presenter teams biggest pain in the neck since then. After being on the phone with the Presenter engineering and development team and lots lot of emails with Support. We have the beginning of a solution, but when the patch will be ready for public use is still unknown. According to adobe, Presenter 7.0.7 does not like audio in any slide less than one second. This means if you edit the audio or (as we do) add a small amount of silence to the beginning of the slide to avoid playback issues clipping the first word or two of narration, you may be adding audio files to the slide that are less than one second. Because Adobe was so slow to respond we have identified a work-around that works. Also, and this is VERY important, if you decide to ditch Presenter 7.0.7 be careful, because some Presenter files can be corrupted permanently with a  backwards migration. Additionally, these buffering issues also exist in Presenter presentations created in Presenter 7.0.7

Here is how we managed the issue of buffering on individual slides: 1 . re-import your audio


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Re: Finding incompatibility with 7.0.7 publilshing 7.0.6 presentations

We've had issues with Presenter 7.0.7 specifically because of Action Script 3. Our LMS System also can not handle 7.0.7 so I need to back down to 7.0.6. I can not find 7.0 to install and then update to 7.0.6. Where can I get this? Our help desk insists I can only have 7.0.7 so I'm looking online for it and can find it. Any suggestions? I've actually found all of the updates I'll need but I need the base program of 7.0.

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Re: Finding incompatibility with 7.0.7 publilshing 7.0.6 presentations

You can find it here. Install the 7.0a installer and then run the updates to 7.0.6 … rm=Windows


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Re: Finding incompatibility with 7.0.7 publilshing 7.0.6 presentations

I hope is working


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Re: Finding incompatibility with 7.0.7 publilshing 7.0.6 presentations

I am bit late on this discussion but this is what I am experiencing now.

Windows XP
PowerPoint 2003

Presenter 7.0.7
Captivate 5.5

I am working with a colleague whom is experiencing audio buffering issues.

The presentation is initially 5 minutes long while there are 5 additional slides that include a captivate demo on each slide which calculates and extends the presentation to about 15 minutes.

The Presenter project and Captivate projects work fine independently. But when you combine the two into a Presenter project is where the shenanigans begin.

One thing I recall from previous versions of Presenter/Captivate projects is that when the Presenter project is published and then viewed slide by slide.... Presenter attempts to load the embedded Captivate  content in advance.

For example, let's assume I have a 10 slide PowerPoint project of which a Captivate demo (swf) is located on slide 6. When the PowerPoint/Presenter project is published and viewed, upon entering slide 5, Presenter attempts to fetch slide 6 and its content.

This explains why (sometimes) I will hear audio from a future slide. So then imagine what kind of experience we get when we have the aforementioned captivate slides positioned one after another.

This never occurred with Presenter 7.06 and Captivate 4.x (pre AS3), so please give me some insight or suggestions.

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