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#1 2011-06-23 09:53:29


Record audio from Speaker Phone - Feature removed


I along with at least one one user in this community have noted that the "Record audio from speaker phone" function has been removed in Connect 8 when initiating a recording.

This normally would not be an issue because of the option of using Universal Voice.  However, when an "Operator Assisted" audio conference is used, the Connect meeting room cannot connected into the audio call.  The issue lies in the means by which the connection is established.  For the Operator Assisted call, an actual person answers the phone, and then places that person into the conference.
If you were to attempt this connection in the Universal Voice environment, the meeting room would call out to the audio service, the operator would answer the phone, and then likely hang up because there would appear to be no one on the other end of the line, and thus the audio connection is not established.

The Connect meeting recording could indeed capture audio from a computer's mic, however the audio is also then broadcast to the meeting attendees through the computer.  When all attendees are using the phone for audio, the broadcasting feature will undoubtedly cause an audio echo.

It seems the only recourse would be to advise all meeting participants to mute their computer speakers, which does not guarantee audio quality. 

I would love to see the "Record audio from speaker phone" feature brought back, so that we can continue to offer a wide range of audio options for our users.


#2 2011-06-23 12:34:54


Re: Record audio from Speaker Phone - Feature removed

Just curious why you are seeing that Connect cannot join an "Operator Assisted" call. Have you put the conference dial in steps into the Universal Voice configuration tool?

The way UV works, in it's most simplistic description, is that it calls into the phone bridge and listens to the audio being broadcast. You have the option to rebroadcast the audio through the room, or not, but can record the audio as part of the presentation.


#3 2011-06-23 13:08:20


Re: Record audio from Speaker Phone - Feature removed

As I stated above, the Operator Assisted calls are configured such that a live operator answers the call, and then places the caller into the conference.
When the operator answers the call from the Connect web room and says, "Hello, this is the audio conference service operator, which conference are you dialing in for", and there is no reply, the operator will likely disconnect that line.

There is no auto-connect feature when dialing into the Operator Assisted call in this case.


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