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Adobe Connect - Problems and Suggestions


I am a new user of Adobe with a small group of students in China. Here is a list of problems that we found.

1. Some students cannot use audio and video functions. Their headphones are working very well in other application programmes. This is the most important and urgent problem needed to be solved.

2. Adobe Connect 8 often freeze itself and participants have to close it down and log in again.

3. The video plays very unsmoothly even if we use the lowest quality version.

4. Functions for Interactive whiteboard are very limited. We need the following functions to teach:
    a.    different types and thickness of lines with choice of colours

    b.    background paper (e.g.  grids


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Re: Adobe Connect - Problems and Suggestions

Hi ,
For Issue 1 :  Please after meeting has been launched, Right Click on the screen and see in the flash player dialog whether your headphones and webcam are being detected or not.
Select proper devices and then again try to use them


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Re: Adobe Connect - Problems and Suggestions

For Headphones and Video function
1. Verify that device is not in use with any other application. Go to Meeting Menu -> Audio Setup wizard and setup your audio device correctly.
For Video, Make sure your flash settings are set to allow. Right click on Meeting and go for webcam settings.  Make sure cam is not in use by any other application here as well.

3 ; the overall experience of users depends on the kind of network they are on. Make sure your meeting is optimized for the network types the users are on. For example, if users are on slow networks avoid using too many videos etc.

for 2, provide more details as on what is meant by meeting freeze. Also provide information on Connect version, users on Addin or browser etc.


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