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#1 2010-12-06 14:36:53


Adobe Connect Ideas Website

Thank you for all the great suggestions you are posting in this forum.  A lot of the features and enhancements in Adobe Connect 8 comes from this forum. 

We are now planning what Adobe Connect 9 will be all about and would like your input.  Help us write what the next release will be about.

In partnership with Brightidea, we have launched the Adobe Connect Ideas site where you can submit new ideas for the product, review and vote on ideas posted by others.

Traditionally, we have received feed-back from users either directly by email, via our sales engineers, via our partners and resellers, via the forums on  But as the community of Adobe Connect users continue to grow, we need a central system where you can easily express your ideas about the product and get input from other users.

Get started today.  Go to . You will need an Adobe ID to post or review ideas or comments.




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