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Process of posting & administering an online event

We recently switched to Adobe Connect Pro for our Admissions webinars. At this moment we are still learning and are somewhat confused about the process of creating, posting and administering an online event. The participants of the webinar will be anyone who is interested in our program so we don't have their contact information or emails in advance. This requires that we post the registration form link to the event on our website. We would also like that no more than 30 people are able to register for each webinar.

In the trial event we ran, as a participant, after I managed to register, I didn't receive any email with the link to access the event and once I logged in as a participant, the only thing I saw was an Adobe Presenter presentation that was running on its own, while the event was meant to be for a presenter to go over the presentation at her pace. My question is, does anyone know a good tutorial or set of step-by-step instructions that provides details on how to set up such an event so that anyone can just register and attend? and what do we, as administrators, have to do/check to ensure that participants will get proper communication so that they can access the event? The tutorials I found mostly focus on posting an event for participants whose email addresses are already known to the event organizer. Thank you so much for reading and for any advice!

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Re: Process of posting & administering an online event

Are you trying to set up a registration for a live event or a pre-recorded event?  If it is a live event, then you link to a Seminar or Meeting room and make sure the times of the event coincide with the live date.

If you would like for people to automatically receive an email message after they register, then make sure the option "Notify users when approved for event" is checked off but the option prior to it, "Notify users that approval is pending" is NOT checked off.

At this time, we do not have the capability to limit the amount of registrants.


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Re: Process of posting & administering an online event

I have a live audience. I am wondering how to go about it.


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Re: Process of posting & administering an online event

Are you planning to manage an online event and want the registersted users to join it?


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