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Additional New Tutorials Posted

In addition to the Tutorials relating to SP1, we've also added these tutorials to the site:

Whitepaper: Best Practices for Delivering Virtual Classroom Training
This in-depth whitepaper discusses various strategies, tips and tricks, and best practices for instructing in a virtual classroom environment. … /index.php

Running a Meeting for Live and Remote Attendees at the Same Time
Have you ever had to present to a blended audience of live and virtual participants at the same time? In this article, you'll learn how to handle the meeting to ensure that virtual participants see the same slides as live participants and that private chat in the virtual meeting do not show up on the screen for the live audience. … /index.php

Optimizing Video Performance in the Camera & Voice Pod
In the third of his five part series, Ben Tauber looks at some of the options that can be used to optimize live video performance in the Camera & Voice pod. … /index.php

Starting Your Meeting or Event Off Right with a Dynamic Lobby
Find out how you can enhance any meeting or web event by creating an interactive lobby or waiting area that attendees can engage with before the meeting or event begins. … /index.php

Using the Connect Pro Exchange to Enhance Your Meetings
Learn how you can use the Connect Pro Exchange to download custom applications and extensions to enhance your meeting experience. … /index.php

Using Videoconferencing Systems with Connect Pro
Learn how you can leverage existing videoconferencing systems to stream live video to meeting attendees using Connect Pro. … /index.php

Embedding a Meeting Recording on a Web Page
Learn how you can embed a meeting recording within another web page.

Also, if you haven't been to our team blog lately, check it out here:

You'll find out what went on at the Masie Learning 2008 Conference, a sample Flex Front end to the XML Web Services API, and more.


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Re: Additional New Tutorials Posted

Concerning the 'embed into a web page' tut----

You may wish to alter the code like so:

<iframe src=""

notice ?launcher=false  after the actual recording url.  Connect 7.5 (? i think) introduced the 'improved' recording experience that will either launch full-screen if you've got the add-in installed, or prompt you to install if not installed. 
appending ?launcher=false prevents the add-in from launching the recording full-screen.  users will be prompted to install the add-in, but there is a 'cancel' button.
this should keep most users 'within' your page.



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Re: Additional New Tutorials Posted

This tutorials are very useful for all the people.



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