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Exporting SCORM 1.2 Compliant Content to Saba


I have a client with Saba who needs to integrate SCORM 1.2 content published via Adobe Presenter and has very specific requirements:

- Content status should show as 'Complete/Incomplete' - so far in all the testing it always shows as 'Passed'.

- If the user closes the window without completing the lesson (i.e. half way through the lesson for example) it sends the completion status of 'Passed'. They should be required to complete the entire lesson and send 'Complete'.

- There is a Score of zero reported to Saba


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Re: Exporting SCORM 1.2 Compliant Content to Saba


I'm going to go out on a limb here, mostly because I've not deployed Presenter content on the SABA platform, but I have experience w/ other LMS's, so I'll share what I've run into and hopefully something here will work.

First, even though you don't have any questions in your presentation, I'd strongly recommend adding a Quiz element anyway.  The reason is that specific pieces of information can be communicated to an LMS that may not be available unless a Quiz is used.  And remember: a Quiz is nothing more than a "container" or a "shell" that a presentation uses when you have question slides in your content.

While we're at it, here's something you can check: if your presentation is quiz-free, then most likely you won't see the "scorm_support" folder in the root of your published project.  That will all change once you add a Quiz to your deck.

So let's try this:  Get back into your deck and go into the Quiz Manager.  Add a Quiz, and for now, set the Pass/Fail to "0".  Leave everything else alone and click the Reporting tab and use the following settings:

Enable reporting and select "SCORM".  Immediately after that, click the Manifest button to toggle for SCORM 1.2.

Choose report data: "slide views only"

Report Pass/Fail: "defined by report data"

At this point, Report Score / Reporting Level shouldn't matter because of the former selections/settings, so you can leave those alone.

Again, all we did is add a Quiz to the deck---there are no question slides to worry about!
Having done all this, save and publish your deck and then test it on SABA.  If you determine that SABA is throwing some wierd data (for example you might see: cmi.suspend_data = "not attempted" or cmi.total_time = "P"), then you may need to do some additional homework.

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Re: Exporting SCORM 1.2 Compliant Content to Saba

If that's the case, what you'll need to do is manually update a variable in the scorm_support.js file (it can be found in the scorm_support folder).

Look for the following line:
var g_nAPI = 0;  // type of API to start searching for; allowable values: 0 - SCORM 2004; 1 - SCORM 1.2 (or 1.1)

Even though your content may have been published for SCORM 1.2, the variable g_nAPI is probably set for SCORM 2004.  To overcome that problem, change that value to 1 to get the LMS communicating properly between Presenter and SABA.  I've run into a similar problem when launching Presenter content on a Blackboard system.  Not fun.

Anyway, sorry for the long rant...and again, although I'm not specfically familiar w/ SABA, I think the above will help.



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Re: Exporting SCORM 1.2 Compliant Content to Saba

Thanks Rob! This makes sense. I'll try the same and hopefully we can get things working in Saba. Appreciate your input and will keep you posted.



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Re: Exporting SCORM 1.2 Compliant Content to Saba

I published a course in Articulate as SCORM 1.2 and tryed to import it to the Content Lab of Saba 5.4. It gave me this error message:
(43269) Invalid content. (*)ERROR: Failed to extract the manifest file from content package.  Possible cause: The markup in XML document (manifest file) preceding the root element is not well-formed.
Thanks for help in advance.

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Re: Exporting SCORM 1.2 Compliant Content to Saba

I am trying to create an online course. I need course authoring and LMS hosting. I have experimented with some options but I am really struggling to find something that offers the functionality I need within my budget. Important: 1) I must have a really good user/password admin area. I need to be able to sign up single clients and clients that will have lots of users (up to 500). These groups of clients will need to have their own administrator who deals with the group. I need to be able to monitor the use (to see how much each user accesses the service). 2) SCORM compliant. 3) easy to use and easy to update. 4) hosted online. Not too expensive.
Any hot tips or recommendations appreciated.
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