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3.5 Hour Downtime this morning

6 hours and counting!  Supposedly affecting AR,NA1,NA2,NA3,NA4,NA6,NA7,NA8,NA9,NA10.

Does anyone have any indication of an ETA?  I haven't heard anything and they aren't answering the phones (or more likely are completely overwhelmed).

(Updated - make that 6! hours)

(Edit:  17 hours later and no update, no communication, and still down.  Really Adobe? This is acceptable to you?)

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Re: 3.5 Hour Downtime this morning

Systems are up.. You may check/test now


#3 2012-01-28 12:27:49


Re: 3.5 Hour Downtime this morning

For future reference, this link provides current server statuses for Adobe Connect in Hosted environments.


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Re: 3.5 Hour Downtime this morning


Really sorry about this and I want to thank you for letting us know your concern.   We agree that the communication should have been throughout the day and informative.  We are going to review our communication process to make sure we correct this problem moving forward.

Here is the customer statement:

On the morning of January 27th 2012, some users on the Adobe Connect system experienced an issue that caused their meeting room to fail to launch completely.  The issue that caused the rooms to enter this state was corrected by approximately 8am Pacific Time, however certain meeting rooms remained in a state that resulted in an incomplete launch.  The engineering and operations teams worked through the day to identify and correct all rooms that were affected so they would launch properly and this process was complete by approximately 9:30pm Pacific Time.  We are continuing to closely monitor the system to ensure that all rooms launch properly; if you are still experiencing issues joining your meeting room please contact support at

The root cause of the issue is still under investigation and we will be able to share further details as soon as it is completed.  As part of the investigation we are reviewing operational processes and procedures that may have contributed to this issue to ensure that they meet the very high availability and performance objectives that we set for ourselves and that we know you expect of the service.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this outage may have caused.

Thank you,
The Adobe Connect Team


Nick Calenda
Support Manager, Connect


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Re: 3.5 Hour Downtime this morning


We've spoken before and I've always had very positive interactions with you.   I appreciate the customer statement released here as well.

A couple of things:

- The system status page would be more useful I think given some process improvements:  1.  It was not updated for at least an hour after the issues were reported to me by my users on Friday morning.  2.  It would be useful, especially for issues wide reaching like this one, when the issues are resolved to put a little statement on the page.  In general, I have contacted support many times and been told there have been issues that affect more than one client where the system status page is never updated.  For these reasons, I generally don't find the system status page to be a very useful diagnostic tool for me.

- I still have broken rooms and was told by support that it will take 1-2 days for all rooms to be restored.  Is this really accurate?




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Re: 3.5 Hour Downtime this morning

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the suggestions concerning the Status page, I will take these ideas to the team when we meet next week. 

After we did the recovery Friday night we have been monitoring the systems closely and on Saturday we had identified more rooms to recover.  We recovered another batch on Saturday and we will continue to monitor the systems closely until we are confident all rooms are restored.

If you find you have rooms which still do not launch call support and give them the room URLs, we will get those expedited. 

Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion and giving us constructive feedback.



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