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On the Motorola Xoom how do you select which camera to use?

In the mobile app, how do you advance slides in a share pod?

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Re: Xoom

Hi alekacos,
In the current release on Android, using the forward-facing camera (the one that is looking at you, when you are looking at the screen of the device) is not supported. One exception, is if you have an Android device that *only* has a forward facing camera.

In the case of the Xoom, which has both forward and rear-facing cameras, you currently only have access to the rear-facing camera.

We are doing everything we can to change this, and are working closely with our platform team to obtain support for this capability on Android.

Note that on the PlayBook and when we release for iOS, both cameras are supported.

Please do review the Known Issues post to this forum to help you understand limitations in the mobile client vs. the desktop client as well.


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