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Adobe Connect 11.2 on premise install instuctions?

Is there a document available with instructions to installing Adobe Connect 11.2 for on-premise?   

I've taken a run at it but my Connect services don't start.    Apparently the Connect service doesn't exist.   Perhaps that is the problem.   But it installed successfully.   I don't see them in my Windows services so that could be the problem.   Thanks.


#2 2021-03-18 10:16:52


Re: Adobe Connect 11.2 on premise install instuctions?

There is a fair bit of documentation around installing Connect. … aller.html

There is a note about installing it with an admin account for the server:

On the Deployment Options screen, select Deploy Adobe Connect to install Adobe Connect. To install Adobe Connect, provide the credentials of a local administrator account, other than the one logged in with.


If you choose to use a different local administrator account, ensure that the account has the appropriate permissions to install the services. For more information, see Add the Log on as a service Right to an Account.


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Re: Adobe Connect 11.2 on premise install instuctions?

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