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#1 2020-11-04 11:17:09


Updated v 11 app doesn't play audio in classic app

EDIT: Seems that the Flash app and the HTML app were using different audio speakers. (note I didn't change anything.)  The new Classic app was using a different output.... Changing that fixed it... So it works, but for some reason it changed my default. In case anyone has that issue.

Just updated the app and now videos don't play audio in classic app!  Audio works fine in HTML app. We are having severe problems getting Captivate content to work in the HTML app as well.. This roll out has been terrible!  Anyone else having problems with audio with newest app update?

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#2 2021-01-12 07:27:24

Phoenix Rising

Re: Updated v 11 app doesn't play audio in classic app

Yes, I ran my first class yesterday.  Classic view using VoIP, it was terrible.  I ended up starting a zoom session just so we could hear each other.

I'm very disappointed with Adobe Connect right now and am seriously considering not renewing.


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