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Looping without Presenter

Our site was just upgraded to Connect 9.7.5.  I was previously using Presenter 7 to create lobby loops for our meeting rooms.  Some of our very old lobby loops don't play now that we're in 9.7.5.  We had decided not to renew my Presenter license to bring it up to a current version, because I don't really use it for much and it didn't seem to justify the cost.  But now I'm in a pickle, trying to replicate the looping functionality that it provided.

I initially thought that I could replicate it with an HTML5 file that I created with Animate.  That didn't work, because I could upload it to the content library, but I couldn't share it in our meeting rooms.

Then we figured that we could replace it with an MP4 file, but now I can't get that to loop.

Any suggestions for how to get a basic set of slides to loop without having to buy a new Presenter license?  Is there a way to get our MP4 file to loop?  Or have you found any other solutions?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Looping without Presenter

Creating a looping presentation without PPT was discussed here: … 865#p19865

Presenter doesn't output to MP4, and MP4's don't loop.


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