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Connect 9.7 - There is no "My Calendar" page!

We used to use the 9.6 version of Adobe Connect.In that version, there was ''My Callender'' column and we benefited from it a lot.In its new 9.7 update there is no such my ''Callender'' column,which leads to several problems for us.
For example,we have difficulty in finding the 'meeting' section.We'd like you to update the version again and we,'d like you to add the 'My Callender' column again.I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Connect 9.7 version

Connect 9.6 version

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Re: Connect 9.7 - There is no "My Calendar" page!

This was dropped with the release of 9.7 but is expected to be brought back in the near future. This was a feature that was thought to be mostly unused, but there has been a large community response to it being gone.

I believe it is supposed to be part of the next service pack release, but that is not better than rumor as I'm not on the Adobe team.


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