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Video questions around Presenter/Adobe Connect

Hi all,

We use Adobe Presenter 9 and 10 to import into Adobe Connect to help with tracking. Therefore some of the slides will also contain video.

I would like to understand the following:

1) What is the best way (format/size/quality) to import Video into Presenter which will then be packaged up for Connect?

2) Does Presenter encode this video when publishing?
3) If so, to what file format?
4) Can we have the presenter to play the video for the participant - as per how you can have if importing into Connect itself
5) Would you recommend video in Presenter or to try to keep to connect only.

Thank you!


#2 2014-10-20 09:58:12


Re: Video questions around Presenter/Adobe Connect

The best way is largely subjective, but I'll put in my 2c.

1) The best format for importing video into Presenter is FLV or MP4. MP4 has started to become the better quality and higher reliability format in my experience. Importing any of the other 'supported' formats will result in Presenter re-encoding them to FLV at either low, medium or high quality setting, based on what you chose in the import dialog. As to size and quality, I'm not a fan of HD video in Presenter, it feels too bloated and doesn't actualy show the video in a size that justifies HD. I tend to stick with around 720 X 480 and 800 kbps.

2) No, it only re-encodes non FLV or MP4 video when importing.

3) See above.

4) Yes. Do you mean in a live meeting? If so, the easiest method is to choose the Show Presentation Playbar option in the Pod Options menu of the Share pod when the Presenter presentation is loaded into it. Then you will see the full screen player controls, but can still navigate the presentation as you normally would in the room. When you want to play the video, just hit the play button, and then pause when it is finnished.

5) This depends on your workflow and presenter's preferred workflow. I don't know that it is better one way or ther other, other than you don't have to keep switching Share pod instances if you keep it all in Presenter. I would do whatever is easiest for you and the presenters you work with.


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Re: Video questions around Presenter/Adobe Connect

Thank you for your response.

1) I tried an mp4 but this didn't work on the mobile player.  Do I need to encode a different type of mp4?

2 & 3) Great thanks, this is what I was looking to understand

4) Thanks, will give this a go
5) I was wondering if a video without 'being in presenter' - i.e. one slide video would be any different to one just imported into Connect.  Does presenter add any file size / bloatiness to the file do you think?


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Re: Video questions around Presenter/Adobe Connect

Ah, well you didn't mention mobile, so you would need to go with FLV. MP4 doesn't play in the mobile Meeting app (though it may in the Presenter app). So I'd stick with FLV for the time being. I would encode any video, MP4 or FLV, using the h.264 codec.

If you put the video in Presenter, then I suppose you could argue that it does add to the video in that it has to play in the Presenter skin on a PPT slide. But, if you are already using a Presenter presentation, then the added bloat would be minimal, and the load time is shortened due to the video loading in the background while the rest of the presentation is worked through. So I would think that having the video in a Presenter deck that is being used would make for a more seamless delivery.


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