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The Adobe Connect User Interface

Alistair Lee

Expertise Level: Beginner

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There are three main elements of the Adobe Connect interface:

  1. The Application Bar at the top includes menus to set preferences and connect your media devices
  2. The Layouts Panel on the far right lets you change layous as well as manage and lock your layouts
  3. The main stage contains the pods used to share and collaborate in Adobe Connect. This is your active layout.

The pods you place on each layout define the look and feel of the room. Only a host can move, resize, and show/hide these pods. Unlike many other conferencing products, participants cannot choose what they want to see - it is completely defined by the host.

By adding multiple layouts - each with their own set of pods - a host can create whatever experience is best suited to his or her usecase.

The video below walks through all of these elements and serves as a great introduction to Adobe Connect for a new user.

September 2020

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