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Creating a Virtual Business Card for Adobe Connect

Alistair Lee, Adobe Systems

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I'm a fan of turning on webcams during meetings (as well as virtual classrooms and webinars). While it certainly requires additional bandwidth, I think the tradeoff is worth it to give other participants visual cues. After all, much of communication is non-verbal in nature.

However, not everyone feels comfortable using their webcam - and there are many instances where it might be unnecessary or inappropriate. 

The next best thing - especially in the case of a webinar where you've never met the participants in person - is to use a substitute. An image that tells you the speakers name and features a photo. I often see something like this in an introductory slide in a webinar presentation. This information would be more useful if it was accessible throughout the presentation.

While most web conferencing vendors only allow you to share a single piece of content at a time (or don't allow you to upload any content at all), Adobe Connect enables you to add multiple share pods - each with their own content. That means you can upload a 'virtual business card' into a small share pod while uploading your slides into a larger share pod while still leaving room for chat or Q&A. 

The video below not only walks through the concept, but shows you how to create a virtual business card for your Adobe Connect room. 

If you're using an image editor that supports Adobe's Photoshop file type (PSD), you can use this generic virtual business card as a starting point and follow along in the video.

April 2017

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