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Adding a custom background image to your Adobe Connect room

Alistair Lee, Adobe Systems

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One of the easiest and most effective ways of personalizing your Adobe Connect room is uploading an image to use as the background. Background images can be used to add branding, color and personality to your room and in my opinion, every room can benefit from using them.

There's no specific image size, resolution, or aspect ratio you need to adhere to. Adobe Connect will always automatically resize your image by scaling it proportionally. It won't get stretched in one direction or another to accomodate different monitors. That being said - it's a good idea to use an image large enough that will still look good if someone is using a large monitor; I make my background images 1920x1280.

Here are my recommended best practices for backround images:

  • Abstract images work really well as backgrounds. Remember that most of your image will be covered by the pods in your room. Participants will see the entire image as you change layouts.
  • File size is important - keep in mind that everyone will be loading the image. While my images are fairly large (1920x1280), I try to lower the quality settings to keep the file size down. Abstract images typically compress really well.
  • Change your image often. It's easy to do and adding seasonal or holiday images can add impact to your room.
  • Upload your images to the content library. This will make it easy to use an image across multiple rooms or share it with other users on the account.
  • Add a branded corporate background image to your meeting room templates. This will automatically apply the image to all new meetings.
  • If you have a logo on the image, you can pin it to a specific corner. This ensures the logo never gets cut off regardless of how the image is scaled.

The video below shows how easily you can add a new image to your Adobe Connect room and pin it to a specific corner.



December 2016

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