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Distributing and Tracking Adobe Connect Recordings

Alistair Lee, Adobe Systems

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 Distributing and Tracking Adobe Connect Recordings

It's often the case that more people will view your meeting or webinar recording than the original live meeting.  In this tutorial and the accompanying embedded video, we'll look at accessing your recordings, setting the permissions, and tracking the number of views.
By default, meeting recordings are stored with the meeting itself.  To access your recordings, click on the applicable meeting.  From there, you should see a link to your recordings.  Since the meeting is persistent, you may have multiple recordings available.
By default, recordings take on the same permissions as the original meeting.  If your meeting was set up to allow registered users and accepted guests (the default), then only the users in your 'Edit Particpants' list will be able to access the recording.  To enable everyone to view the recording, you can make it public.  Select the checkbox beside the recording name and click the 'Make Public' button.
It is possible to set more granular permissions on the recording.  To do this, you'll need to move the recording to the content library.  Like all items in the content library, you can set the permissions to allow specific individuals or groups access to the content.  To move the recording, click on the checkbox beside the recording name and click the 'Move to folder' button.  Adobe Connect will choose your personal content library root folder by default.  Once in your content library, you can click on the recording - it should have a small VHS tape icon - to view the content.  After clicking the recording, you should see a link for 'Set Permissions'.  This link will allow you to choose who can access the recording.  By default, it will take on the same permissions as it's parent folder.  Choose to customize the settings and from here you can select users and groups from the list.  You also have the option to allow public viewing.
Once in your content library, you'll also notice you can see how many times the recording has been viewed.  Click on the name of the recording and choose 'Reports'.  This will provide some aggregate data showing you the number of views.
It is possible to see this same data for a recording you haven't moved to the content library - but it's not exposed in the Adobe Connect interface.  To view this information for a recording in your recordings folder, you'll need to use the Adobe Connect API by entering a URL in your browser.  First, we'll need to find the SCO-ID for your meeting recording.  You can find this by clicking the recording in your recordings folder.  In the URL of your browser, you'll see quite a bit of information.  Scroll over until you find 'sco-id=' and copy the number that directly follows.  Now you can use the following URL to grab the information:
Then paste the SCO-ID after the equals sign and press .  This will return some information in XML format.  look for the tag called 'views'.
XML results

June 2011

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