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Adobe Connect Mobile 1.5

Alistair Lee, Adobe Systems

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Adobe has recently released a major update for Adobe Connect Mobile - the official mobile client for Adobe Connect.

The new version of Adobe Connect Mobile brings a number of enhancements to the client:

New Interface:  This release brings a brand new interface to the mobile client.  Participants can now see the entire meeting using a new 'Meeting Overview' interface.  You can tap on any individual pod to focus on a specific activity like screensharing, or chat.  Instant notifications will alert you of any off-screen activities while focused on a specific pod.

Tablet Optimzation:  This version is optimized for a tablet - though it works equally well on a smartphone.  Although previous versions of the mobile client worked on the tablet form factor, this is the first time the software has been optimized specifically with tablets in mind.

Two Way Video: You can now broadcast the camera from your mobile device to the Adobe Connect meetings in addition to seeing the other video streams.  Note that not all front-facing cameras on Android devices are supported.

Private Chat:  You can now chat privately with other meeting participants.  Verson 1.0 only supported public chat.

Additional Pod Support:  The previous version of Adobe Connect Mobile was limited to the chat pod, share pod, and video pod.  This new release opens up support for the notes pod and poll pod.  You can participate in polls directly from a mobile device and even see poll results when the host chooses to broadcast them.

For more information, you can download and read the Quick Start Guide.

In the video below, Pricinipal Product Manager, Randah McKinnie walks through the new features of Adobe Connect Mobile 1.5

April 2011

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